2021 Conference – Expert Participants

Brave New Road: The Role of Technology in Achieving Safe and Just Transport Systems Expert Participants Tuesday, March 23 Emerging Transportation Technologies, a Primer A write-up of this panel is available here Moderator: Emily Frascaroli, Managing Counsel, Product Litigation Group, Ford Motor Company (US) Emily Frascaroli is managing counsel of the Product Litigation Group at


2021 Conference

Brave New Road: The Role of Technology in Achieving Safe and Just Transport Systems

How can new technologies help correct the many equity and equality issues facing our transportation system? How can we ensure the deployment of new technologies doesn’t exacerbate these existing issues?


2020 Conference

Global Perspectives on Law, Policy, and Mobility Innovation
The goal of the 2020 Law and Mobility conference is to bring together a diverse selection of international transportation experts from government, industry, and civil society to discuss how communities and nations across the globe are reacting to new mobility technologies like drones, automated vehicles, and micro-mobility platforms.


2019 Conference

(Re)Writing the Rules of the Road
In the case of automated driving, how and to whom should the rules of the road apply? This deep-dive conference brings together experts from government, industry, civil society, and academia to answer these questions through focused and robust discussion.


The Law and Mobility Program sponsors and hosts a number of events throughout the year, including an annual conference at the University of Michigan Law School.

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